• MuthaUcka

    Hi! We are a active gold level regatta group looking for new members. We are very friendly and extremely helpful bunch. Minimum level to join is 50. Everyone does 15 tasks, 128 or higher and everyone helps each other out! CO-OP tag - #REGR5D CO-OP NAME - Regatta group 1

    Hope to see you in our co-op :)

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  • Cobanistan


    I am the leader of a co-op called DaisyMuhKuh and I am looking for active players for the co-op. Now we are 3 in the co-op and very active and helping each other a lot.

    We would be thankful and happy, if you would join our co-op and help us to be number one every time. You need LvL 39 to join us.

    Co-Op is called " DaisyMuhKuh " and my code is 7B4G9S - Please add my and my co-op.

    Thank You!

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  • Flutterbox

    Details of the co op  ~  New co-op.  Friendly, helpful people wanted.  We're mostly LATE NIGHT players, but day time people are welcome too.  

    Co-op Name ~ The Giving Tree

    Co-op tag  ~  #HEGXF7

    Leaders town code ~ BWAH6W

    Required level  ~  19

    In a regatta   ~   Yes, but with few members, we're not high up there yet.

    Requirements  ~  Help each other.  Those that rarely help other members will be removed.

    If you join the co-op look us up on    


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  • BillyBB

    Liberal Superheroes

    July 17, 2017 by BillyBB

    By day I am your average, everyday guy. By night I am the Liberal Superhero known as Donkey-Man. I bring justice, equality, and freedom to all those who are oppressed by the evil, money grubbing GOP. My arch nemesis is Elephant-o; the overweight corporate overlord of conservative evil. Every week he hatches a new plan that I must foil before he conquers the world for his own destructive purposes. So come join the resistance in Township. Play as you wish, help when you can. No pressures, no minimum requirements and no judgements. Join my Co-Op today at, "Liberal Superheroes"   

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  • Taffydoo
    Hello, My name is Tammy and I am a co leader with HELPFUL HETTY's HIDEAWAY.

    We are welcoming all active playerS to our coop. We have a very nice and friendly bunch. We chat about game and life. Always helpful and do our best to have each other's back. More of a family atmosphere.

    Our requirements are at least 8 tasks a week with at least 40 helps. You are free to do more and our team almost always does. Our leader is carol ann HOODLASS, we have 2 other co leaders beside myself who are Heather and Hanna. Our members and elders are the best around.

    We are golden league team and have been for quite some time. We are always in top 5 with more often then not, top 3. Have won top #1 trophies many times too. We would love to have you..

    We are English…

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  • Areeb rahman

    I the co leader of the Anchor co op, would like to invite helpful and active players to my co op. 

    Details of the co op:

    Name=Anchor co op

    Co op tag=#NC334M

    Leaders town code=7Z23R6(BAYANVILLE)

    My town code=56UKDZ(MADRID)

    Required level=49

    In a regatta:

    Minimum tasks=6

    Average points for each task=98

    Totally helped in co op =450


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  • Lordzables

    Hi, everyone

    Our Co-op is looking for a few more strong players who love to play this game and enjoy fast fun play.

    We mostly finish in the top 3 but what we love is the team work and playing with strong fun players.

    If this sounds good to you then please join our Co-op "THE PURPLE CARROT" tag #HEEUVC

    See you all there... :)

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  • Kunowe

    Looking for friends!

    May 28, 2017 by Kunowe

    HI! Really enjoying this game and looking for more friends! Add me with this code = 446Q7T

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  • AnthonySteph4999


    May 18, 2017 by AnthonySteph4999

    Anyone be my friend I am Always Active Heres my friend code 


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  • AnthonyRules91

    Friend Requests

    April 25, 2017 by AnthonyRules91

    Write your Friend request

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  • Brendon90

    Golden League Week 4

    December 21, 2016 by Brendon90

    Golden League: Week 4 Our 4th week in the Golden League has concluded with a 2nd place trophy! I forgot to take or misplaced a screenshot of the final race result, so instead I've posted the results of all of our races up to this week. It seems the Golden League is more of a 2 or 3 co-op face-off for the 1st position. Generally the other 4-12 co-ops drop off very early or in the last couple days of the race, so there isn't too much competition besides the top 2-3 fighting for the gold. This race we were a few tasks short of first place with the leading co-op scoring about 25,100 points, and 3rd place with 23,500.

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  • Bunnies and Turtles


    December 20, 2016 by Bunnies and Turtles

    I love the Christmas event!. We talk about our scores in our co-op. We support each other, and help fill product requests for needed goods. So the event is perfect!

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  • Brendon90

    Golden League Week 3

    December 13, 2016 by Brendon90

    Golden League: Week 3 This is our 3rd week racing in the Golden League and it was another close call for 1st. Unfortunately some lag issues caused one of our members to lose a couple of their tasks, however they did a great job! I don't mind if members aren't able to finish all tasks as long as they give it their best effort to do them. Life is busy and sometimes errors and mistakes happen, but we that's how we learn and improve. Also it likely wouldn't even have been enough points to top 1st as the 'Co-op Master's' started off doing 135 point tasks.

    Week 3: 2nd Place

    We had the lead about 3/4th of the way through Regatta, but were taken over by the 'Co-op Master' group because they all did 135 point tasks from the start. I think as a smaller…

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  • Brendon90

    Golden League Week 2

    December 5, 2016 by Brendon90

    Golden League: Week 2 We're currently racing our 2nd week in Golden League in 1st place again, though by the tip of our sail! At the beginning of the race last week we had a new member join our bunch, but they suddenly left on the same day the race started without any reason or word from them. Apparently they started their own co-op and decided to race alone.

    Week 2: 3rd Place

    Since the last race we moved up +5404 positions to 16,923 from 22,327. I think if we manage to score like we did this week, or better the next couple weeks we might be around the 5,000 mark. Then 2-4 weeks after that if all goes well we might have a shot at the top 200!

    Good luck to everyone racing this week, and get ready for the upcoming update and Winter events! :)

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  • Brendon90

    Regatta Golden League

    December 1, 2016 by Brendon90

    Banana Bunch: Golden League Here's the results of last weeks Golden League Regatta race. It was our first ever 1st place in Golden League since we started our co-op 4 weeks ago. I started a new co-op called 'Banana Bunch' because our previous co-op was very difficult to find due to 100's of co-ops using 'Helping Hands' as a name. Unfortunately there's no way to change your co-op name in the game, so I resulted to the manual way of doing it by starting a brand new co-op! It was fun for the whole co-op to begin a new adventure sailing from Wooden, and making our way back up to Golden League. We were eager to climb back up to Golden League as we weren't able to top the Golden League competition and get the trophy in our old co-op.

    Golden League…

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  • Brendon90

    Crazy Helicopter Orders

    November 28, 2016 by Brendon90

    Crazy Helicopter Orders Here are some of the craziest heli-orders I've had since I started playing Township. I never actually filled any of these orders as they weren't worth the trouble! Have you ever run into any crazy heli-orders from customers? You can post your crazy heli-orders here or add them to the gallery by clicking 'Add Photo' below.

    Character: Ursula
    Order: 15 Tomatoes, 15 Wheat, 15 Popcorn
    Chat: "Co-op members can give everything in their barns to support friends! And if something runs out, your store can always fill in."

    The last order that came in sometime last week was asking for a similar order to what the girl requested. She swapped out a bag of popcorn for 15 tomatoes which is a healthier choice, but still far too much carbs wi…

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  • Bunnies and Turtles

    Regatta tips

    November 23, 2016 by Bunnies and Turtles

    My co-op leader told me to leave goods in factories and a co-leader told me to save up my clovers. Theese tips really help me, and good luck if you want to use them!

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  • Brendon90

    Improved Regatta Rewards

    November 22, 2016 by Brendon90

    "Crates in the Regatta Rewards tab now contain more prizes!" - They said, but is it really true?
    That means Buoy Rewards after the v4.3.0 Nov 3, 2016 updated have been improved from the previous update.

    Golden League Update: In Golden League the new rewards are about the same as the new silver only everything is +1 higher which is great if you get ingots, gems, and/or the 2 spots with Tcash. It seems like the maximum amount of Tcash you can get in Golden League is 10. +6 Tcash in the last crate (which offers the best rewards), and +4 randomly in one of the other boxes in the middle or bottom row. I'll be using the +6 Tcash to shuffle and hopefully replace the goods, zoo materials, hammers, shovels, and axe with other materials that I need. T…

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  • Brendon90

    Hi Users of Township Wiki,

    I'm attempting to adopt this wiki and become a potential admin, so your opinions are needed and would be greatly appreciated on whether or not you think this is a good idea. If you agree or have any thoughts on this please leave a comment below. I've been editing the wiki for nearly a month now, and I think a new admin would be very beneficial in addition to Eddieblake. The wiki is growing everyday, and with admin permissions I would be able to help Eddie change/edit some of the pages in more detail, and update the navigation that is long overdue.

    You can view the adoption request here:

    Here's an unofficial response from them:
    "In order to be able to adopt a wiki…

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  • Purplesun10

    Putting Things In Place

    September 2, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I'm finally putting my town in the order that I want it to be. I can see it in my head and am finally clearing enough land to make it look something like what I see in my head. I imagine all my like factories gathering together in long rows in that area to the left of the waterfall. I'll have dirt roads going the whole length of the row and exiting out to the pavement of the city. So far, I like the factories over there.

    Although, I'm thinking that it's more life-like to have the fields and factories out to the right of the waterfall and out of the city like you're going into the country. Factories in reality are in the cities and close to the docks, but in this game I like putting the fields, animals and factories together that actually wo…

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  • Purplesun10

    The Zoo

    August 28, 2016 by Purplesun10

    Since fixing up my Zoo, I have got to say, it has been a source of great enjoyment for me. The Zoo is a major means for money and experience (not to mention those baby animals are just too cute). I started in on the Zoo with a bit of hesitation. I was hoping it wouldn't take up precious items that I needed for other things. I've come to find out, that the items requested are easy to obtain.

    Lately, it's been a pure joy to make items for the Zoo. Aside from the Airplane orders, I place Zoo items high on my priority list. I used to save my gems for boosters but they would pile up since I'm in a very good co-op, which helps me when I need them. Since I made the decision to spend the excess gems on buying animals, I'm rewarded with upgraded Zoo…

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  • Purplesun10

    At long last the Regatta is coming to Mac users. We just got the pier early this morning so we won't be able to participate in this week's race, but we should be geared up for next week.

    In the meantime, I'm preparing by getting items ready for the race! 

    House of Luck - I've been saving all my clovers for a week now in preparation. You can save up to 50 and save your thank you letters as well if you fill up the 50. Anything after that, your clovers won't count anymore. Usually there's a task for either 4, 5 or 6 times of playing at the House of Luck.

    Harvesting - I'm making sure my gems are saved up for the double harvest booster. That'll come in handy for this task.

    Island tasks - Closer to the time of the Regatta starting, I usually keep my s…

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  • Purplesun10

    The Do Not Buy List

    August 10, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I've been playing Township for a bit and have been around the forums a bit. This post is to help those who may read it to not make the mistakes of myself and others.

    1. DO NOT  use your T-Cash (the paper money) to open chests. Sometimes they are valuable prizes, sometimes they are not. I have found when mining and visiting others' towns just to leave them alone and click on the x in the upper right-hand corner of that chest box to close the message window. I've found a much better way to use T-Cash to be buying boxes for my factories.
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  • Purplesun10

    In my attempt to make money for the other two animals buildings I don't currently have, I'm making a list of top grossing items and how long they take to make. I'll highlight my favorite items to make and sell in bold.

    Bakery Factory

    1. Banana Bread - 294 coins/ea 1-1/2 hrs.
    2. Potato Bread - 158 coins/ea 1 hr.
    3. Bagel - 55 coins/ea 30 min.

    Dairy Factory

    Sugar Factory

    Textile Factory

    1. Silk - 140 coins/ea 1-1/2 hrs.
    2. Wool - 61 coins/ea 40 min.
    3. Cotton - 37 coins/ea 30 min.

    Tailor Shop

    1. Suit - 330 coins/ea 4hrs.
    2. Dress - 268 coins/ea 3hrs.
    3. Hat - 231 coins/ea 2-1/2 hrs.
    4. Coat - 125 coins/ea. 2 hrs.
    5. Sweater - 76 coins/ea 1-1/2 hrs.
    6. Shirt - 45 coins/ea 1 hr.

    Snack Factory

    1. Canape's - 307 coins/ea 15 min.
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  • Purplesun10

    Your Town's Stats

    August 9, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I remember hearing someone in the forum say they were on expansion # (whatever number they said). I remember thinking, "How do you know what expansion you're on?" Some other people talked about when the other supplies started showing up as requirements for expansions. They could give a plot number. I didn't know what they were talking about and went on my way.

    I just clicked on my Town Hall and read through my Achievements. Those numbers tell you a LOT of information! If you just finished opening up one plot of land and see that for the next plot you have to add a supply, then you know what level the supply requirement begins. 

    I wanted to know what plot number I'm on and saw it's only 66. There's a reward when I get to plot 80. 

    Then I saw a…

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  • Purplesun10

    iMac Exchange Co-op

    August 8, 2016 by Purplesun10

    YES! I FINALLY found a group of individuals who are as competitive as myself and just as kind! 

    I found them on the forums, and was able to get in. The co-op was only created back in June so they're fairly new, but work extremely well together. After not having lots of friends and less crates in the marketplace because of that, these guys are just lovely! I'm accomplishing more with them than I have been before. When the Regatta starts, WATCH OUT! I do believe we are the biggest and most competitive iMac co-op out there as of now. We are going to kick some Regatta butt!

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  • Purplesun10

    High Yielding Items

    August 8, 2016 by Purplesun10

    Sometimes you're in a pickle and need extra coins. I've heard some other players have a strategy of emptying all their fields, planting wheat and just sitting there and harvesting it all and selling it from their barn. Since the wheat is free, it's free money. I haven't been able to do that yet, as I'm always using fields to prepare or make something for trains, planes and helicopters.

    What I like to do is wait till my certain factories aren't being used for anything at the moment and create high grossing items to sell from my barn. So far I like doing this when my textile factory isn't needed to make silk fabric and when my snack factory isn't needed to make Canapes. Silk facbric sells for Canapes sell for 307 each. At my level, those are …

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  • Purplesun10


    August 3, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I'm becoming more and more active in the Playrix Township forums lately. I just realized they have a wealth of information. Having two accounts (1 on iPhone, one on the Mac), I've realized how important friends are to your success. My growth is certainly stunted in the account that's not hooked up to my Facebook account. 

    I'm still trying to figure out how the friends interact and which accounts don't play well with each other. So far, the Facebook account has been easier for me to get friends, which equals more crates in the Market, more chances of help to fill your plane or train and more chances to get clovers when you help them.

    I just stumbled upon the Game Center on my Mac and am going through it now to add friends there. I'm still not…

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  • Purplesun10

    Mad Rush

    August 3, 2016 by Purplesun10

    WOW! I feel like my head is spinning. Since opening up the Zoo, I'm adding lots of new items that need to be created to level up. I'm already creating items for the plane, helicopter and train. I finish creating something in oe factory, go into the Zoo, drop it off, come back and get something else for the train, come back and get something for the plane, come back and get items for the helicopter (not to mention the Regatta) and I'm pooped! I feel like I can't keep up. It makes the game exciting to an extent, but certainly nerve-wracking. 

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  • Purplesun10

    Academy of Industry

    August 3, 2016 by Purplesun10

    Decisions, decisions, decisions! Most people playing this game develop a strategy of upgrading their factories, trains and islands. I've heard some start with the basic items needed for most recipes and start upgrading those factories first.

    I started doing that with my Bakery and Feed Mill, then I decided to go for my trains since I needed building material. By the time I got to level 37 I had accumulated lots of building materials so now when a community building is needing something, I usually have it already in my barn.

    My train upgrades have been going well so far. I'm up to 11,7 and 3 on the three lines. I'm perfectly content with the 25% time OFF of the required time away from my town. I LOVE seeing those numbers click backward to a m…

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  • Purplesun10

    Adding Friends

    August 2, 2016 by Purplesun10

    Here's a picture tutorial on how to add friends in Township:

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  • Purplesun10

    Organizing Houses

    August 1, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I've had trouble in the past figuring out exactly what to do with the houses in my town. I've got a plan for the factories and crops, but haven't until now, figured out how to place the buildings in a way that I liked.

    I visited countless other towns and took a few ideas from this place and that place and also just took what I liked from my own trial and error. I've settled on having the smaller houses by the seashore and larger buildings closer to the mountains. I've also tried to place larger buildings on their own block when I can. 

    Currently, I'm moving my factories to the left and will keep houses and community buildings to the right. Some factories are still near the middle of town so I can't properly place everything (it's PAINFUL to …

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  • Purplesun10

    End of July Update

    July 28, 2016 by Purplesun10

    I'm making progress on my town. I'm quite happy about the way it's shaping up. I do have an issue with lack of funds. I'm halfway through level 40 and I still haven't been able to renovate and open the zoo. I seem to always need to buy things from the market to fulfill orders. Sometimes I also forget to buy the main reward item once I unlock it and end up going for the community building since the notification always pops up about those buildings. Both of those reactions aren't helping me to further my town. I'm thinking I should sell some high end items from the factories to counter the loss. So far, I've identified silk and plum jam as the highest earning items when sold from my barn that I don't mind making constantly. I do have to ment…

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  • Purplesun10

    I realize since I'm planning out my factories, it would also be good to plan the community buildings. I'm leaning towards creating neighborhoods of like community buildings to follow the same pattern with the factories. 

    Amusement Parks


    Roller Coaster

    Ferris Wheel

    Rocket Ride

    Water Park


    Movie Theater

    Drive-In Movies


    Go-Kart Racing

    Golf Course

    Race Track

    Horse Track

    Music Venue


    Motion Picture Studio


    Post Office

    Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Municipal Court

    Food Shops

    Donut Shop

    Pizza Parlor


    Public Safety

    Fire Station

    Police Station


    Coast Guard

    Light House



    Art Gallery

    Organ Hall

    Fashion House


    Pet Store


    Toy Store

    Music Store


    Flower Shop

    Comic Book Store






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  • Purplesun10

    Now that I'm at level 37, I see certain factories, crops and animals just go together. As I expand, I'm planning on placing everything that works together, together. Things like:

    Beehive near Sugar factory and wheat crops so I can feed the bees from things nearby. 

    II'll continue to add things as I get new factories, crops and animals. So far these are my creating neighborhoods. When I get enough land I'll place all the buildings and plots in a certain neighborhood together:


    Diary factory

    Ice Cream Factory

    Corn, Wheat and Cacao crops



    Snack Factory

    Pastry Factory

    Fast Food Restaurant

    Corn and Carrot crops


    Textile Factory

    Tailor Shop

    Rubber Factory (near Sheep, Textiles)

    Plastic Factory

    Paper Factory

    Furniture Factory

    Shoe Factory


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  • Purplesun10

    I've been to this Wiki before, but it wasn't until today that I decided to contribute. I added the screen shots of the level 37 rewards. 

    I started Township a few months ago and have loved it ever since (I got the boot along with millions of others when Castleville Legends closed down right after giving us the land we fans had been hoping for in the past year). I found it on my Mac and decided to try it on my phone. The phone account never synced up with the Mac account so now I have two separate accounts, which is fine for me as I LOVE this game.

    I recently introduced our children to Township and they also love to play. I haven't shown them this Wiki yet, but I'll definitely be sending them by here to learn more about the game.

    I plan on add…

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  • Birthe Hansen

    Quick Stats

    December 16, 2015 by Birthe Hansen

    Hi everybody

    As an admin I can see "Quick Stats" which shows how many views, edits and photos Township Wiki has each day. It is shown for the last 7 days. I want to share those numbers with everybody from now on.

    The highest amount of views, on a single day, we have ever had (since July 2015) is approximately 2000 and it hasn't been under 500 for a long time.

    If we share Township Wiki links in Township-forums and on Facebook/other social medias it will attract new players and be reflected here: More views, but hopefully also more activity, edits and more (missing) pictures.

    There are sharing links on the frontpage - so go ahead, tell your friends that Township Wiki is here and that the site is worth a visit.

    We need a lot of active players and …

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  • Birthe Hansen

    Interview with Earnie

    November 19, 2015 by Birthe Hansen

    I found this interview with Earnie onTownship Mobile

    2015, feb 24

    Our Township Team was very lucky to get a chance to talk to one of the most popular neighbors in Township- Ernie! In this interview we will learn more about Ernie's personal life, his Township and his innovative idea of flying cars! :)

    Hi Ernie! Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you have wife and children? What do you do for a living?

    Hi there! I was born in Township which was a small town back then. When I was young, I loved traveling. I loved it so much that I actually traveled half the world to find a perfect place to settle down, but couldn’t find anything better than Township. You know how the saying goes, ‘A man travels the world …

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  • Eddieblake

    My Achievements

    August 26, 2015 by Eddieblake

    Customer Service Pro = 975 / 2000

    Population Boom = 11,075 / 12,000

    Magnate = Completed

    Senior Train Driver = Completed

    Entrepreneur = 4,021,759 / 10,000,000

    Happy Town = 191,375 / 2,000,000

    Production Genius = 52,884 / 80,000

    Construction Manager = Completed

    D for Development = 59 / 60

    Lead Architecht = Completed

    Milky Way = Completed

    Model Chicken Coop = Completed

    Wool Art = Completed

    Dolce Vita = 5,268 / 6,000

    Generous Pig = 3,087 / 5,000

    Endless Fields = Completed

    Wacky Farmer = 166,876 / 300,000

    Urbanist Club = 72 / 75.

    Honorary Freeman = Completed

    Final Sale = Completed

    Record Harvest = 0 / 400.

    Impressive Efficiency = 0 / 10

    Boundless Domain = Completed

    Road Champ = Completed

    Market Upheaval = 6,091 / 15,000

    Diligent Miner = 8,508 / 10,000

    To the Center of the Ear…

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  • Birthe Hansen

    We are only a few...

    August 20, 2015 by Birthe Hansen

    But I think we did a good job until now. The last month Township Wiki has grown from 12 to 59 pages and we have most basis information now. I want to thank all, both annonymes and registered users, for their contributions. I still have much work to do on the Wiki - but now I have time to play a little bit also, and I enjoy making the pages and work with the finish.

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  • Eddieblake

    • Stone Age = Completed.
    • Wind Instruments = Completed.
    • Crystals = Completed.
    • Pottery Artefacts = Completed.
    • Shoes = Completed.
    • Masks = Completed.
    • History of Science = Completed.
    • The Farm of Yore = Completed.
    • Stringed Instruments = Completed.
    • Seashells = Completed.
    • Clocks - Completed.
    • Tableware = Completed.
    • Lock set = Completed.
    • Antique Fans = Completed.
    • Roman Warriors = Completed.
    • Art = Completed.
    • Telephones = Completed.
    • The Evolution of Writing = Completed.
    • Knight's Gear = Completed.
    • Glassware = Completed.
    • Sports Memorobilia = Completed.
    • Blacksmithing = Completed.
    • Dolls = 13 artefacts.
    • Ancestral Charms = 9 artefacts.
    • Antique Hats = Completed.
    • Antique Pistols = 8 artefacts.
    • Light Fixtures = 11 artefacts.
    • Sound Preservers = 11 artefacts.
    • Jewelry = 5 artefacts.
    • Coins = 7 art…

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  • Birthe Hansen

    New admin

    August 1, 2015 by Birthe Hansen

    I wished we had an active admin - or that somebody would adopt Township Wiki - when I started writing/editing here. 

    Suddenly we got an admin ... me!

    I didn't perceive when it happened. Maxhead was here for 2 minutes. All he said was that he made me admin.

    I got afraid - I got exited - I... I... didn't know what to do :)

    I had never before edited more than a few letters in any Wikia, and didn't know much about the whole Wikia Community.But now I'm here, doing the best I can. And I still learn every day.

    I just wish more people were around here, and that they wrote somthing - commented something, clicked our new Facebook Like button. Almost anything :)

    Well I hope it will be better when we get more pages and everything is more organized

    I have alm…

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  • Birthe Hansen

    Hello everybody

    Is anybody here? I feel alone :)

    Where are the admins?

    I can see that people have done a lot of work to write down what they know - but are they all gone?

    I landed on this Wikia because I needed help - but now I'm trying to update information instead. I like that, but I hope that some more experienced people will show up soon :)

    It's hard to navigate and find the information you need on this site, so I tried to make it better, without having much clue about how to do it. :)

    Best regards


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