Create your own Sandbox

The sandbox is for anyone to try editing, but you can also create your own sandbox. Your personal sandbox isn't intended for others to change. Everyone can see and edit it like normal pages, but it's under your name and people will know that it is your sandbox.

In your own sandbox you can try or save formatting, links, tools, scripts or other things you might want to use later, stuff you want others to look at, try out or comment. (Only Wikia and Township related stuff is allowed. See rules on Wikipedia:Subpages)

The website address of your Sandbox will look like this:

If you are an unregistered user /USERNAME/ will be an IP-address instead.
We recommend that you create a user name to register and log in before creating the page.

Create my Sandbox!

How to Create a SandboxEdit

Click on the link above to create a new fresh sandbox page. You will get the message that the page doesn't exist if you didn't already create it. Create it by clicking the "Create" icon in the top left with a pencil beside it.

In your sandbox you can try out any code, write anything you want at that page without disturbing anybody, and/or save it for later use.

If you go to your User Page you wont see a link or a tab to your Sandbox after you created it, but if you write

/Sandbox after 'User:' in the address bar you will get to your sandbox page.

You can add/edit a link on your userpage to have easy access to it.

You can see some formatting and code examples on the Sandbox page. ~Happy editing!

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