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Dye Game Event

Mar. 30, 2015

Dye Game Event IntroductionEdit

Event Description.

Character Event Information
Easter Artist

Dye Game Event GuideEdit

Event Guide Information.

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products.
If you fill their orders you'll get tools to clear away hay bales in your barn.

Easter GoodsEdit

Goods Ingredients
Time 0%-0
Made in
Easter Bread
Easter Bread
3 wheat
2 eggs
1 milk
36 coins 15xp 50m Bakery
Rabbit Lollipop
Rabbit Lollipop
2 sugar
1 cream
50 coins 21xp 1h30m Snack Factory
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
3 carrot
1 syrup
1 egg
66 coins 28xp 1h Pastry Factory

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

Dye Game Event

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Personal Event Description. You'll also help the entire community reach the Global Event goal and get a valuable reward! After the 5th goal the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random after the 5th goal.

Goal Need Rewards Preview
1st Goal 25 Eggs 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 56 Eggs Faberge Egg
Easter Faberge Egg
3rd Goal 101 Eggs Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny
4th Goal 176 Eggs Easter Tree
Easter Egg Tree
5th Goal 255 Eggs Chocolate Fountain
Easter Chocolate Fountain
6th Goal+  ??+ Eggs
per chest
Items or 1/3 T-Cash
Treasure Hunt Chest

Global Event GoalEdit

If all players can decorate a total of 40,000,000 eggs, you'll earn a reward.
I knew we would make it! Together we decorated a record amount of eggs!
Every player receives: Easter Hen Statue. Total amount of eggs decorated together: ??,000,000!

Dye Game Global Goal

All Dye Game DecorationsEdit

View all of the Dye Game Decorations.

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