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Easter Adventure Event

Apr. 7 ~ Apr. 17, 2017

Easter Adventure Event IntroductionEdit

Character Discussion Character
Easter Susie
Look how many magic bunnies are out there in the town!
I fed one a carrot and got a colorful egg in return.
Easter Lady Luck
That's new! Are those really Easter bunnies?
But...Don't you think, there are too many of them?
I can take bunnies home! I'll play with them every day!
Do you think they'll like living in a doll house?
I'm afraid they wouldn't even fit in a magician's top hat.
What if we build a whole comfortable village for them?
Event Information
Easter Adventure Event Guide

Easter Adventure Event GuideEdit

Build a village for Easter bunnies in the new event! Fill helicopter orders to receive tools to continue clearing grass at the Easter park. Look for bunnies hidden in the park and feed them to earn 3-4 Easter eggs and cookies. Fill customers orders around your Town to earn Easter cookies. After constructing the 2nd level of your Bunny Village you'll also be able to help your co-op reach the co-op goals and win valuable prizes. You can view the materials to complete it on the Bunny Village page.

Easter GoodsEdit

Goods Ingredients
Made in
Easter Bread
Easter Bread
3 wheat
2 eggs
1 milk
36 coins 15xp 50m Bakery
Rabbit Lollipop
Rabbit Lollipop
2 sugar
1 cream
50 coins 21xp 1h30m Snack Factory
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
3 carrot
1 syrup
1 egg
66 coins 28xp 1h Pastry Factory

Easter ParkEdit

Clean up the park using tools you receive from townspeople after filling their orders. Make sure to feed bunnies when you find them in the park to get more Easter eggs and cookies.

Easter Park

Easter Park ToolsEdit

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary Easter goods. If you fill their orders you'll get tools you can use to clean up the park. There's also a chance to receive a pair of extra shears randomly to gift to your friends.

Tools Preview Description
Pruning Shears
Easter Adventure Shears
Clears 1 grass tile.
Use 2 Shears to remove bushes.
Easter Adventure Lawnmower
Clears a vertical row of grass.
Easter Adventure Fan
Clears adjacent grass.
Clears bushes instantly.
Easter Adventure Stump
Cannot be removed.
Clear grass around them.

Customers Easter OrdersEdit

You can find special customers orders at buildings around your Town in yellow bubbles. Customers often request 1 Easter good and 1 or 2 random goods. You can fill these orders to earn 4-7+ Easter cookies which you can spend in the Township Store on limited time Easter decorations.

Customer Order Bubble Example Customer Order Order Information
Easter Adventure Order Bubble
Easter Adventure Order Info
• You can find up to 3 customer orders in your town which you can fill to earn Easter cookies.

• Completing an order immediately adds a new order bubble in your town.

• Dumping an order will start an invisible 10 minute timer until a new order will appears. 

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Once you collect 75 eggs and complete the first personal event goal, additional goals and the prizes you get for completing them will unlock for everyone in your co-op. Two more unique Regatta tasks will be available during the event as well!

Note: If you complete all 8 Bunny Village upgrades, you'll get 1 Township Cash for a month as a reward!

  • Bunny Village: Install to Participate
  • Bunny Village: Level 1
  • Bunny Village: Level 2
  • Bunny Village: Level 3
  • Bunny Village: Level 4
  • Bunny Village: Level 5
  • Bunny Village: Level 6
  • Bunny Village: Level 7
  • Bunny Village: Level 8

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Collect many Easter eggs and cookies to earn great prizes.
You need Easter cookies to purchase holiday decorations at the store.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 75 Eggs 5x Easter Fence
+5 Tcash
Easter Fence
2nd Goal +80 Eggs
(155 Eggs)
+25 Easter Cookies
+2 Paint
Easter Cookie
3rd Goal +105 Eggs
(260 Eggs)
+50 Easter Cookies
+3 Hammers
Easter Cookie
4th Goal +130 Eggs
(390 Eggs)
+100 Easter Cookies
+8 TNT
Easter Cookie
5th Goal +170 Eggs
(560 Eggs)
+150 Easter Cookies
+3 Gold Ingots
Easter Cookie
Gold ingot
6th Goal +210 Eggs
(770 Eggs)
+200 Easter Cookies
+2 Rubies
Easter Cookie
7th Goal +230 Eggs
(1000 Eggs)
+20 Tcash
+Profile Pic 75
Profile Pic 75

Lottery RewardsEdit

Goal Need Reward Preview
8th+ Goal 25+ Eggs
per chest
(160+ Eggs)
Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 3 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest

Co-op Event GoalEdit

It's more fun to look for bunnies with friends! Go search for Easter eggs with your co-op mates and earn prizes for completing co-op goals.

Leaving a Co-op during the EventEdit

If you leave a co-op during the Easter Adventure, all the points you earned toward the co-op goals remain with the co-op. If you decide to join a different co-op, you'll be able to help your new friends achieve goals the co-op has yet to receive rewards for. Your personal score will not change once you leave, and you can continue earning prizes by collecting Easter eggs.

  • Co-op Goals: Upgrade the Bunny Village to Level 2 to Participate
  • Co-op Goals: All Co-op Goal Rewards

Co-op Event RewardsEdit

You'll earn a limited time avatar for collecting 10,000 eggs with your co-op.
More information on the Voucher can be found on the City Market page.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 1700 Eggs +1 Voucher
Dealer Voucher
2nd Goal 3000 Eggs +3 Gold Ingots
+2 Platinum Ingots
Gold Platinum Ingots Reward
3rd Goal 6300 Eggs +1 Free Expansion
Free Expansion
4th Goal 10000 Eggs +20 Tcash
+Profile Pic 82
Profile Pic 82

Special Bunny Village DecorationEdit

The Bunny Village is a unique Easter decoration for your Town. Finish all 8 construction stages before the end of the event to earn 1 Tcash per day for the next 30 days. When the event ends you'll be able to place the Bunny Village in your storage.

  • Bunny Village: Level 1
  • Bunny Village: Level 2
  • Bunny Village: Level 3
  • Bunny Village: Level 4
  • Bunny Village: Level 5
  • Bunny Village: Level 6
  • Bunny Village: Level 7
  • Bunny Village: Level 8

All Easter Adventure DecorationsEdit

View all of the Easter Adventure Decorations.

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