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Penguin InformationEdit

World Map of Continents
World Map Continents
Map of Penguins About Penguins
Penguin map "Penguins swim twice as fast as they waddle on their two feet. On the other hand, they can slide down hills on their bellies, turning blocks of ice into fun amusement parks."
Enclosure Zoo Cost Materials
Penguin enclosure
lvl 4 Coin 2,000 Bricks 3
Glass 3
Timber 4
14h 200xp 10

Breeding PenguinsEdit

The first male and female animal parents are delivered by helicopter when you buy them. The 2 baby animals are bred in the Nursery and cost gems to breed. When you have completed a family you'll earn a Tcash reward.

In the Zoo Book you can see how many of the 180 animals you currently have in your Zoo.

Family Cost Time
Complete Zoo Book Page
Penguin Dad Topaz1
Instant 50
Penguin Family
Penguin Mom Topaz1
Instant 50
Penguin Baby (M) Emerald-02
15h 50
Penguin Baby (F) Emerald-01
15h 50
Total Gems,
Breeding Time,
and Popularity
(1d 6h)
200 Reward: Cash 6

Penguin Enclosure PreviewEdit

Township Zoo - Penguin-family01:07

Township Zoo - Penguin-family

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