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House of Luck

Special Buildings Information Edit

Special Buildings are found in the 'Special' tab in the Township Store (Yellow Star Icon).

Building Description Unlocks at
Population required
House of Luck Win valuable prizes like coins or cash. lvl 11 160 800 12h ?
City Market You can purchase a variety of goods,materials, and also hire a dealer with Tcash to search and buy items. lvl 13 250 1700 18h 75xp
Laboratory Activate boosters to temporarily increase crop yields, speedup factory production, and more. lvl 18 560 1800 1d ?
Foundry x3 Smelt ore into ingots to upgrade factories or purchase decorations. 1st lvl 21 730 2000 1d 12h ?
2nd lvl 21 920 8000 1d 12h ?
3rd lvl 45 4950 15000 2d ?
Academy of Industry Upgrade your factories to have them run more efficiently. lvl 22 810 2s
1d 17h ?
Central Museum Get Township cash by finding artifacts in the mine to complete collections. lvl 25 1190 9000 2d ?
Ship x4 Get exotic goods sending off ships. You can get a max of 4 ships. 1st lvl 29 0 Free Instant ?
2nd lvl 29 2050 5000 Instant ?
3rd lvl 32 2500 8000 Instant ?
4th lvl 38 3500 25000 Instant ?
Mint You can produce real coins at the Mint. lvl 31 1650 15000 2d ?

Special Buildings available in Township Edit

Building Unlocks at Cost Time to build Exp
Train 1st train: lvl 5 Free Immediately ?
2nd train: lvl 14 1000 coins Immediately ?
3rd train: lvl 25 14000 coins Immediately ?
Airport lvl 17 1500 coins 24h 66xp
Co-op lvl 19 1200 coins 8h 54xp
Mine lvl 21 3000 coins 1d5h ?
Port lvl 29 8000 coins 2d ?
Zoo lvl 40 20000 coins 3d 830xp
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