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Town Day 2015 Preparations

Aug. 10, 2015

Town Day 2015 IntroductionEdit

The townspeople decided to decorate their houses for Town Day because flowers are all the rage right now. Sadly there aren't any other flower shops that can keep up with the steady stream of orders. You're the only hope!

How to

Town Day 2015 GuideEdit

Handle townspeople's orders to earn flower seeds, which you can in turn use to grow flowers for floral arrangements and earn flower points. Earn as many points as you can to win valuable prizes. You'll also help the entire community reach the event goal and win a special holiday decoration!

Town Day 2015 ArrangementsEdit

Decor 7
Decor 1
Decor 3
Decor 4
20m 5 --- 6 4
40m --- 5 2 ---
60m --- --- --- 3
You get: 5 flower points
15 coins
9 flower points
25 coins
10 flower points
28 coins
11 flower points
36 coins
Decor 8
Decor 5
Decor 6
Decor 2
20m --- --- 5 1
40m --- 4 2 5
60m 5 2 3 4
You get: 12 flower points
40 coins
13 flower points
39 coins
16 flower points
49 coins
19 flower points
55 coins

Personal Event Goals

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 38 Points 3 Tcash
Event reward t-cash
2nd Goal 126 Points Flower Arch
Flower arch
3rd Goal 256 Points Boat with Flowers
Boat with flowers
4th Goal 469 Points Car Flower Bed
Car flower bed
5th Goal 696 Points Peacock Flower Bed
Peacock flower bed

Global Event GoalEdit

Work with other players to collect 320,000,000 flower points and earn a reward.
I knew we would make it! Together we collected a record amount of points from arranging flowers!
Every player receives: 10 T-cash.

All Town Day 2015 DecorationsEdit

View all of the Town Day 2015 Decorations.

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