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Township Wiki has the latest information on the mobile version of Township published by Playrix.
Most images used on pages are copyright by Playrix. Download or read more about the game here.

We are a community of players who work together to contribute and share information.
We are creating an encyclopedia of knowledge, tips and tricks for Township!

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Latest Update Notes

Oct. 8, 2018

From Township Mobile

Halloween Update!

Halloween Update!

What's New in Version 6.1.0
Hop into the NEW UPDATE for our App Store and Google Play users:
It will be available shortly for our Amazon Store users as well!


  • Help Emma the Witch find friendly ghosts in a haunted castle! The event starts on October 19.
  • Grow pumpkins and produce temporary goods during the event.
  • 12 thematic decorations will be available in the Store until the next update.
  • A new upgradable decoration: School of Magic.
  • Take in your town's spooky atmosphere with decorated homes and factories as well as unusual new citizens.


  • Assemble a collection of out-of-this-world decorations in a new regatta season! Set off on October 16!
  • A new task: Co-op Relay! Complete this tag-team task with other co-op members to get more points!


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Recent Blog Posts

    Join our Co Op!

    November 14, 2018 by KKSKMOM

    Hi I'm the leader of FAITHFUL FARMS. We are a group that's been playing for a year,  but we have dwindled down to just a few.  

    We are a very low key, helpful group. We play to have fun.  NO STRESS. We do ask that you participate in the regatta each …

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  • Shelldrake

    My co-op is a friendly co-op that does regattas, but doesn't get upset if you can't complete all of your tasks... we just ask that you change your settings to not racing if you will miss the majority of the week's tasks, but ask that you attempt to …

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  • Whiteroses2018


    This is a Regatta Team looking for dedicated players only, that love to join and do Interseasonal Regatta but most importantly Boat Race Regatta, you must be active you must help and share goods, must speak English. We are chatty so dont be…

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  • Leoniec

    We are a new team of chatty, fun people. If you join us you will be made a co leader on entry. 130+ tasks in regatta and no reserves as this causes too much stress. Easy rules.  We are out to have fun and make this game enjoyable not stressful. If y…

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  • Brendon90

    Please officially welcome the wiki's new administrator and content moderators!

    • [Administrator] Whomstdis
    • [Content Moderators] Alexpath & Eddieblake

    All 3 have contributed greatly to the wiki so far whether it's adding missing images, answering questions,…

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