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Train InformationEdit

When you reach lvl 5 your first train will arrive at the Train Station. You can have a total of 3 trains. Train 2 and 3 will arrive as soon as you reach the required level and purchase them with coins. Trains can have between 3 and 5 carts, and the time for them to return increases as you level up.

Train No. Level Price
1 Level 5 Free
2 Level 14 1,000 Coins
3 Level 25 14,000 coins

Train UpgradesEdit

The max return time for trains is 5 hours, but it can be reduced with upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

  • Trains are upgraded separately, and it's recommended to upgrade them to level 21 as soon as possible.
  • At level 21 trains return times are reduced by 50% and take between 2h:7m to 2h:30m to return.
  • Try to keep train levels similar. If the 1st train is level 10 then make sure the others at level 10 as well.
    • It's easier to send off all trains at the same time, so they come back around the same time.
  • You can help contribute by updating the table with the 3 different train times at various levels.
Level Time Reduced Least Time Most Time
1 -0% 4h 5h
3 -5% 3h48m 4h45m
5 -10% 3h36m 4h30m
7 -15% 3h24m 4h15m
9 -20% 3h12m 4h
11 -25% 3h 3h45m
13 -30% 2h48m 3h30m
15 -35% 2h36m 3h15m
17 -40% 2h24m 3h
19 -45% 2h12m 2h45m
21 -50% 2h7m 2h30m

Train RewardsEdit

Send trains loaded with goods to return with rewards. You will gain XP for loading goods, but no coins.

By filling and sending off trains you can get materials for community buildings, materials to upgrade your barn, tools to buy land expansions and tools for digging in the mine.

  • Mining Crates are rewarded sometimes, and contain random amounts of different mining tools.
  • Helping your friend Ernie to fill his train cart will give you a 1 Tcash golden balloon the next day.
  • You will need some Shovels, Axes, and Saws to unlock and explore the Islands.
For Buildings For Expansions For the Barn Mining Tools

Building MaterialsEdit

How to obtain more building materials.

  • Treasure chests found in the mine give random rewards.
  • Cash chests in the mine and friends towns offer random rewards, but cost 3 Tcash to open.
  • Sending off ships with ingots has a chance to bring back chests that give random rewards.
  • Loading and sending fully-loaded airplanes. The mystery chest rewards random material(s).
  • Special crates with discounted tools and materials for Tcash often appear in the market.
  • You can always use Tcash to buy any materials you need if you don't have the patience.

Load CouponsEdit

Load coupons are occasionally offered as community event rewards. With a load coupon you can fill any trains cart or planes crate including any friend who needs help. The option will appear as long as you have load coupons available.

Using a Coupon for a Train Cart Using a Coupon for a Plane Crate
Load Coupon Train
Load Coupon Plane

Train TipEdit

The trains follow an algorithm bringing back random materials, but having too many of 1 material can result in getting too many of the same material. It's best to sell materials if you have too many. Find the lowest amount needed to finish a community building or barn upgrade and sell the materials/tools down to 1 below what's required to complete the building or upgrade.

Example: You have 70 glass, 20 bricks, and 20 slabs...and you need 40 glass, 40 bricks and 40 slabs to finish the lowest level community building.

Sell glass down to 39 (1 below the required amount), so bricks and slabs will come more often on trains. The train has better odds of bringing you what you need when all materials/tools are below the required amount for completing a building or upgrade. Keep repeating this until you have 39-40 bricks, slabs and glass, and hopefully the next train will bring the remaining 1-3 items to complete your building!

If you have too many building supplies and your barn is full you may have to sell some of it. Look at your expansions, Community Buildings and Barn to see what is needed for your next building/expansion.

Using Tcash for TrainsEdit

You can use Tcash to fill carts like the plane, but it's just as costly to send it off if you're missing a lot of the items.

It's better to spend the Tcash speeding up the production of items in factories than to use cash to fill carts directly. You can also spend 9 Tcash to get trains right away, and the cost reduces as the train gets closer to arriving.

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